Kyle A. Massa with a scarf

Hi. My name’s Kyle. I write speculative fiction, blogs, and articles. Welcome to my site.

I’ve been telling stories in one way or another for the past twenty six years, in the form of trading cards, comic books, unwatchable movies, screenplays, and, most recently, prose. I think I’ll stick with that last one for the time being.

Some things about me: I live in New York (upstate, not the city) with my lovely fiancee and our two mischievous cats. I read, I play Magic: The Gathering, I run, and I get stressed out about the Giants on Sundays. Some of my favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Salman Rushdie, David Mitchell, and China Mieville.

Feel free to take a look around the site. You might like my published work, my blog, or my articles for FlipSide Gaming. If you’d like to chat, click here.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Nice site Kyle!! Looks good, you can count on me to buy at least one book so you’re not selling them to yourself

  2. Great determination and passion from a young man. Very much potential. I’m old now and wise and I see very much potential in you. In a year down the road I’ll google your name and buy all the novels you’ve written by then and enjoy them I hope. Good luck with your career:)

  3. I enjoy a Vampire Weekend song every now and then, too. (Though Oxford Comma is a bit overplayed.) Also, nice site, I am looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

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